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4" Stainless Double Slip Joint

4" Stainless Double Slip Joint


Product Code: RM-DS-4-SS

304 Stainless Steel Slip Joints- 4" Double Slip

304 stainless slip joints are fabricated in our US facility from an American made 16ga .065" 304 stainless and swaged for a precise clearance.

Overall Length (Assembled): 6"
Male Length: 4"
Female Length: 4"
Double Slip Sleeve: 2 1/2"

With an overall length of 6" when assembled, they can be incorporated into header and exhaust systems for ease of disassembly and for expansion and contraction due to heat cycles. They work great for turbo systems that see extreme EGTs. Diameter shown is a nominal size and made for a butt weld to your project. These slip joints come as a 3 piece unit.

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