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1 5/8" Primary 2 into 1 Transitional Merge Collector

1 5/8" Primary 2 into 1 Transitional Merge Collector


Product Code: 2T-1.625-MS
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Performance Merge Collector: 2 into 1, Base Exit, 2 1/4" Primary Inlet

This 2 1/4” primary 2 into 1 merge collector is machined and hand fit to perfection. Engineered to obtain the high flow and velocity only available in a true merge collector, every unit is purge tig welded and incorporates a transition spike that is internally blended, making the transition from the primary tube to the collector as smooth as possible. This smooth transition maintains exhaust velocity, improving volumetric efficiency. The inlets are expanded to accept a 2 1/4” primary tube.

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