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Ford 7.3L Godzilla Turbo Header

Ford 7.3L Godzilla Turbo Header

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Product Code: SHM-MTH-3585-304
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Bolt-on Ford 7.3L Godzilla Turbo Headers

Designed to fit the Ford 7.3L Godzilla cylinder heads, these bolt-on turbo headers are the perfect solution to any turbo header packaging concerns. Made of heavy wall, American Made stainless steel pipe, these modular log manifolds can handle the heat and vibrations that come from a turbocharged engine build.

The beauty behind this design? The builder never has to touch a tig welder or strike an arc. Every component can be bolted and pieced together in a modular fashion, without every worrying about the strength or quality of the builder's welds and fabrication. The compact design also allows use of these modular turbo headers in small engine bays. The heavy wall construction of these manifolds means less heat-absorption by the tubing, which means less energy produced by the engine's combustion process is wasted as heat, and is instead conserved as energy and velocity going to your turbos. This also leads to cooler engine bay temperatures, which can also improve intake air temps, increasing the density of oxygen in the air, leading to further power gains.

We recommend builders start off with the base manifolds prior to adding in the additional elbows to meet your turbo mount points.

*Current lead times are 2-3 weeks*

**For further information, check the Returns/Shipping policy. Any questions or concerns, call the shop for further information.
Ceramic coated products are NOT returnable nor refundable items. **

Not seeing what you need? Not a problem- We can custom build turbo elbows to fit your turbo header needs.


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