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Big Block Chevy Header Flanges With Stubs- Mild Steel

Big Block Chevy Header Flanges With Stubs- Mild Steel


Product Code: RM2520MSKIT
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Stainless Headers Mfg. header flange kits come with the stubs formed and welded in to make custom header fabrication easier. Each flange has a 2" long stub welded on the mating surface and stitch welded on the exterior for bolt clearance. The flange is then surfaced for a superior gasket seal. Made from an American made mild steel and purge tig welded, these flanges with stubs, will get your header project off to a great start. Specify tube diameter when ordering. (We carry almost 250 flange patterns that we configure as a set with stubs)

Depending on the tube size combination, the tube stub may go thru the flange port or sit on top of the flange-call for details.


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