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Ford FE 427 High Rise Header Flange

Ford FE 427 High Rise Stainless Header Flange


Product Code: RM3555HF
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Precision laser cut from 3/8" thick 304 stainless, our header flanges are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are machine surfaced. These header flanges are specifically made for the Ford FE 427 High Rise Engines. This flange has a rectangle port dimension of 1.325" by 2.250". This flange will fit all Ford FE engines with the high rise port design.
Port Size: 2.145"
Preformed flange stubs are 2"-3" long, and have one end perfectly formed to the port shape of the flange using the appropriate tubing size for that port. This can drastically decrease overall build time. If you have questions on sizing or other options, talk with one of our techs for more information.


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