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4-Slot Mild Steel Cobra Kit Car Collector Flange

4-Slot Mild Steel Cobra Kit Car Collector Flange

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Product Code: RM-4BCK-MS
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This 4-Bolt collector flange is precision laser-cut from true American made Mild Steel, and is 3/8" thick. These flanges have slot-holes for fine-tuning any header positioning your build may require. It is the perfect fit for any Cobra Kit Car application requiring a 4-bolt flange. The ports are available in 1 3/4" and 2" diameter holes to accompany those sizes of tubing.
Have any questions? Give one of our specialists a call regarding your Cobra Kit Car header build.
Look into our Cobra Kit Car Header kits as well, and call for information regarding custom collectors and custom side pipes for your specific application.


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