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3 1/2" Vertical Oval 90 Degree Pie Cut Kit

3 1/2" Vertical Oval 90 Degree Pie Cut Kit


Product Code: RM-3.5-90-VOPK
Made of American Made 304 SS, this oval pie cut kit is the perfect solution to your exhaust challenges. This vertical oval pie cut kit is perfect when you need your exhaust to go up and over an axle, through a frame rail, or switch planes after your turbo down pipe. Commonly referred to as "hard way" oval, our pie cut kit takes the difficulty out of fabricating custom oval exhaust on the vertical plane.

The 90 degree kit contains 10 pie cut units, which can be welded to form a 90 degree bend.

Our American 3 1/2" Oval pieces have a circumference equal to that of 3 1/2" round tubing, with approximate dimensions of: 2 1/2" tall x 4" wide


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